Firstly : Get Your API KEY

Get plans but you can get a Plan here or You can try the 1000 Free Requests per month!
Then Send API calls to this endpoint :

Secondly : Send JSON Data with

URL : "" // [REQUIRED] for exemple
image_width: thumbnailWidth, // [OPTIONAL]
image_height: thumbnailHeight, // [OPTIONAL]
image_method: 'crop' // [OPTIONAL]

You can test it on your browser or terminal (or wherever)
$.get( "", { url: "", key: "YOUR API KEY" },function( data ) {console.log(data);} );

Thirdly : Check Limits

You can check your Requests Count/Max on your profile. If you need more help or find any bugs contact us! we're very responsive :)

400+ Providers

We carefully parses URLs for you and supports more than 400 content providers. Video, audio, photos, products, and more—embed the content your users crave.

Web-friendly GIFs

Optimized Gifs no flickring or bugs! just simple and fast!

We love helping

If you have any issues feel free to contact us at Contact @ . Embeds projects are a team sport and we are happy to be part of it and be with you every step along the way.